10 Guidelines to Follow for Twitter

Author: MJ Pedone – CEO of Indra Public Relations

By this time, you are engaging on either one or two social platforms unless you have been living under a rock. In this blog, I chose to highlight twitter because Twitter is the leading platform for reaching a broad target audience that consist of busy influencers who love the concept of 140 characters to spread their word and to make a business decision. The tips I offer are what I consider to be the best guidelines that will help in the process of trying to garner leads and potential clients. 

1. Write a meaningful “Bio”                                                                                              Make sure your twitter followers know instantly who you are and how they can contact you. I suggest the link to your website. If you are using Twitter for personal reasons, then go for a fun and social bio.

2. A Link to Find Out More About You                                                                              Many times you want to find out more about a twitter follower and the follower doesn’t provide a link to their website. This is not a good practice if you are trying to seek new clients. Let your website be front and center when a visitor comes to your page. 

3. Focus                                                                                                                            Build a community of Twitter followers who are passionate and interested in your area of business. Tweepi or Twellow are good sites to help.

4. Automate                                                                                                                            In order to manage your time, automate the tedious tasks such as content distribution and following back but never conversation and engagement.

5. Keep the Flow Ongoing                                                                                                 Keep the daily Tweets coming so that followers see activity and read your content. Do this within a time frame that you are comfortable with.

6. Use Hashtags                                                                                                         Hashtags allow you to put content into followers accounts that are topic driven and organized. Some even build their lists so if you are interested in event planning, then include a tweet with the hashtag #eventplanning. This will lead to increased exposure and sharing of your tweets.

7. Manage with a tool                                                                                                          The Twitter tools and apps are simple. To manage and monitor both the tweets and the people you interact with, try using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. I currently use Hootsuite for my business and clients.

8. Brand your Twitter account                                                                                           Your Twitter account brand/logo should be used for all your social media sites and deliver the same theme for each. Consistent branding is effective and builds exposure.

9. Use Twitter sharing and subscribe buttons on your blog and website                                               Your Twitter icon should be prominent on your blog, social pages and website. This will make it easy for people to follow you as well as share your content.

10. Write creatively                                                                                                               You have 140 characters so create headlines that will intrigue your fellow tweeter. You only have 3 seconds to capture somebody’s attention, so make it count!

I welcome all comments on what guidelines work for you on Twitter and as always, if you like what you read, be social and share.

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