Engaging Your Social Media Follower

By: Gina Mason – July 31, 2013

As many of you know, social media is a fantastic way to get information about your brand or company out to a large audience. However, with so many other brands and companies doing the same thing, how can you make your posts standout?  Here at Indra Public Relations, we believe that social media posts should be as innovative and relevant as possible in order to keep your followers interested. Below are a few tips that we incorporate in our social media strategy on how to make your social media posts more attractive to users.  


      Provide Information and Include a Link

When you are posting status updates, be sure to provide important information about your business or brand and keep it interesting. Provide a link to your website or story that they can click on to learn more.

      Keep Your Posts Positive

Make sure you post positive updates, inspiring quotes or exciting pictures to keep your followers engaged. Not only do people like reading or seeing positive content, but also they will be more likely to share your post with their friends.  


      Shorten Your URLS

As with Facebook, links are always great to include in your tweets so what do you do if you hit the 140-character limit? Use sites like Bit.ly to shorten your links and save characters.

      Ask for Re-tweets

Want to spread your message to a larger audience? Ask your followers to RT or Re-tweet your posts. By doing this, people will share your tweets with their followers and your message will reach a much larger audience. 

      80:20 Ratio

We believe in the 80:20 ratio (80% others – 20% promotional). Posting every day about how great your company is will not keep your followers engaged. In order to grow your following and keep your followers loyal, we recommend that you RT others (i.e. industry experts, current events that are related to your industry or interesting posts by your followers).  Help other’s spread their message and you will find that most will do the same for you.


      Post Colorful Photos

Pinners are more attracted to brightly colored photos so be sure to post pictures that will get their attention. Don’t forget to use high quality photos! 

      Include a Link

Pintrest allows pinners to click on the image and be directed to another site. If you are posting photos on behalf of your company, be sure to link all of your photos to your website for elevated web traffic.

 Google +

      Incorporate Hashtags

Google + and Facebook are both incorporating Twitter’s use of hashtags in order for more users to discover your content. #UseHashtags #EngageMoreUsers #SpreadYourMessage

       Tag People

When you post something, be sure to tag the people, companies or brands applicable to increase the chance of them engaging with your post.

Our team at Indra Public Relations specializes in social media management and can help you expand whether you are a brand, company or an individual. We will customize a strategic plan to fit your needs and provide you with a monthly analytics report so you can see your social media progress.  Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you grow your following, engage your followers and ultimately create more business.   

As always, I welcome your comments and if you like what you read, be social and share.




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