Seven Best Practices for Social Media Customer Support

Seven Best Practices for Social Media Customer Support

By: MJ Pedone – September 9, 2013


1. Respond timely

A quick response is very important to customers who contact a business via social media and that is usually within an hour. Even if you can’t deal with a query in that time, let the customer know you’ve heard them and will be getting back to them shortly.


2. Personalize

Customers like to know they are speaking to a real person. Staff members should sign off a tweet with their name even if they are sharing an account with other employees.


3. Focus on client retention 

Customer service is all about retaining current clients. This is extremely important, as it’s easy to keep a client than it is to find a new one. Make sure you pool your resources to ensure you keep your clients happy.


4. Don’t ignore

According to a Bluewolf infographic, 58% of those who have tweeted about a bad experience have not received a response from the company involved. Bluewolf believes that by 2014, ignoring tweets and Facebook messages will be as detrimental as ignoring emails or phone calls.


5. Use calls to action

It’s not always possible to deal with queries in a few sentences. Give your customers a direct email address of a customer service rep. This will help the customer to know their email is going to a real person.


6. Train your staff

In order to deal with the high volume of queries in an effective manner, numerous social media staff members should be handling the Twitter account. Ensure each staff member knows the correct procedure for responding to queries. The replies must be informative and should keep within your brand image.


7. Be proactive

If you have a known issue such as email downtime or product recalls let your customers know before the complaints start flooding in. If people are aware the website will be down for a few hours hours, you’ll get fewer tweets and messages asking what’s happened to it.


The factors used in judging whether social media customer service is good or not are: knowledgeable staff, timely responses, complaint resolution and a personal touch. Try and keep on top of each of these, and your customers will thank you for it.


Do you have any social media customer support practices that you would like to share?  I welcome all comments and thoughts and as always, if you like what you read, be social and share.

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