Social Media Making All The Difference In Public Relations



Author: Kelsey Clark – October 3, 2013

Do you know what a tweet is? What about a Facebook invitation? Or possibly a YouTube channel? I sure hope so, but if not you should start doing some quick research, as you are already behind. Tweeting, using Facebook and tuning into YouTube are three of several social media resources public relations professionals are using to leverage their clients’ exposure.

Although Twitter is the simplest way to get a client’s message across, in terms of the least amount of characters, other beneficial resources to utilize are Facebook and YouTube. The following are three simple tips to follow in order to get the most out of these three particular social media outlets from a public relations stand point.

1. Tweet at least once every day at the same time

Tweeting provides instant gratification. It allows consumers to engage only in what they like or are interested in learning more about. Followers will see new tweets every few seconds, therefore are consistently bombarded with new information. Tweeting at the same time each day allows a relationship to be built between your firm’s client and a consumer. The consumer will become accustom to seeing the tweets from the client at a certain time each day and will, in turn, expect messages from those particular accounts they choose to follow. Additionally, using the program HootSuite allows clients to schedule tweets to be sent out at specific times on certain days, which makes it easier to follow the same tweet routine each day.

2. Use Facebook to promote events

Although Facebook can also be effective in promoting any client’s messages, it is extremely effective in promoting events. It is easy to create an event on Facebook and invite several people to attend. When creating an event on Facebook it is important to include all of the details. For example, the date, time, location and specifics of the event are the minimal requirements needed to establish a successful event on Facebook. After inviting certain people to the event those people can share the event with other people if the event isn’t private because their Facebook friends will see they are attending. 

3. Create a YouTube channel and post frequently

As a PR agency, it is important to establish and maintain a YouTube channel to show the public what your agency accomplishes. Posting videos to your channel on a regular basis will allow your viewers to expect a video either each week or each month depending on what your agency chooses. Videos can consist of testimonials from clients, clips from clients’ events created by your agency, among others. Anyone who watches the videos or subscribes to your channel will learn about your agency’s clients with each upload.

As the world of PR continues to evolve, social media is here to stay. If you are behind in the times, it is never too late.  Here at Indra Public Relations, we specialize in social media and assist our clients with all of the PR strategies.  If we can assist with any of your communication needs, please feel free to contact us.

Do you have a social media strategy that you would like to share? Well, we want to hear it!  As always, we welcome all comments and feedback and if you like what you read be social and share.


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