Sports Media Professionals Using Twitter to Create Their Brand Both On and Off Camera

October 15, 2013

Distinguished members of sports media are often seen as celebrities due to their constant interaction with and knowledge of professional athletes. They are the first ones to know which NFL player is out for the season and what play will make fans cringe for weeks. These qualities make sports media professionals people of interest to all types of sports fans. One way media professionals create and solidify their brand among fans is through Twitter.

Twitter allows media professionals to express their opinions freely, in an appropriate way of course, while offering the opportunity to build a relationship with sports fans. Although they are not allowed to be bias when reporting the news, the following two successful sports reporters make it clear who they support when the puck drops or the whistle is blown via Twitter.

Steve Levy and Linda Cohn are two influential sports reporters who use to Twitter to uphold their brand, both inside and outside of work. Below is a look at how each professional uses their own Twitter page in correspondence with their career.

Steve Levy, Co-Anchor Sportscenter ESPN

Followers of Levy can take three main facts regarding his personality through his tweets. The first is that he is a hockey fan. A huge hockey fan, who isn’t afraid to show his love for the sport. For example he tweeted “Not to fear…pucks on the way here on @Sportscenter” and “Watching slapshot for the thousandth time. #nevergetsold.” Additionally, Levy supports providing people with opportunities at ESPN, as he tweets about and retweets the ESPN Careers account frequently. This shows his support of the company he represents. Lastly, Levy shows his true personality via tweets including his interest in the show Sons of Anarchy and love of food with his “hard to beat a well-grilled hot dog… #neversteamed” tweet. Levy’s combination of work and play keeps his followers looking for more.

Linda Cohn, Co-Anchor Sportscenter, Radio Host ESPN, “Listen Closely” Podcast

Followers of Cohn are aware of the teams she loves, as she doesn’t hesitate when it comes to tweeting about the New York Giants, Rangers, Mets and Knicks. When she’s not tweeting important facts about injured players, breaking news stories and team logistics she is providing comments only a true fan would say. An example of this is her tweet “Hallelujah! Who needs running backs? #giants.” She also incorporates her favorite shows into the mix including the tweet “Now I know what all the fuss was about. Wow! #BreakingBad #Netflix.” The mix of professional and off the record tweets Cohn uses provides her with a unique brand, allowing followers to understand her opinion of sports and entertainment in a multifaceted way. 

As the world of social media continues to evolve, sports media professionals will continue to use the various outlets, such as Twitter, to expand on their brand. They have the way they are perceived by sports fans at the tip of their fingers. Do you have a favorite sports media professional you follow who solidifies their brand through Twitter? If so, we want to know! Need assistance with your social media strategies, we can help!

As always, we welcome all comments and feedback and if you like what you read, be social and share. 

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