How to Save When Attending a Sporting Event

Have you ever wanted to attend a sporting event and look up tickets only to realize you’d have to make an extra fund just to cover the total cost? You are not alone. Ticket prices for professional and even collegiate sporting events have significantly increased over the years, especially as of late. Although some people can afford the price increases, several people cannot. Below are some tips on how to save money when attending sporting events. 

Get tickets last minute.

If you aren’t planning a family trip and aren’t planning to attend for a specific day, wait and buy your tickets as close to the day of the game as you can. The longer you wait, the cheaper you may be able to find tickets on various ticketing sites such as StubHub, SeatGeek and eBay.

Eat before you go.

If the game tickets weren’t enough, the “total game package” consisting of food, drinks and any souvenirs also will cost you. Although you probably can’t avoid buying that $4 bottle of water to quench your thirst after yelling for your team, eating before you attend games will significantly decrease your overall cost.

Find alternative parking.

Although sometimes it is not possible to find free or even inexpensive parking in a city where you’re attending a game, there are some ways around paying a lot for parking. One way is to be ready to walk. The farther away from a sports venue you go, the cheaper the parking tends to be. Another way is to get to the game early. Not only will arriving early allow for more open spaces in general, but it will also let you choose where you park therefore you won’t get stuck in an expensive garage. Additionally, allowing for extra time will give you more time to walk to the venue if you choose to park farther away.

Make it a special event.

Choose one game to go to and make a day out of it. By not attending games frequently you will save money, but also make more of an experience out of it when you do go. In addition, while not planning to attend several games go ahead and get some of those cherished souvenirs of your team. Next time you watch a game from your couch you can wear your beloved shirt and think back to the game you attended. Also, get to the game early and watch the teams warm up. It allows for you to get a different perspective from in-game play, that way you get the most for your money.

Just keep in mind, that game you were looking forward to watching live with your family will most likely set you back a few hundred dollars, however if you plan ahead it can be quite an unforgettable experience. For some, a once a year adventure is possible and worth it, while others are perfectly content watching the game on their own couch. Regardless of the way you choose to watch the game be aware of these tips and know all of your options.

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