How Apps Provide Immediate News Coverage to Sports Fans

By: Kelsey Clark

Sports fans living in today’s world of advanced technology are significantly benefiting from the ease of getting information regarding their favorite teams. With the amount of people who use smart phones increasing daily, consumers have more opportunity to increase their knowledge of everyday occurrences both nationally and internationally, especially with regard to sports. The iPhone, Android and other smart phones allow consumers to download applications (apps) from various app stores. These apps range from sports news and information to games and weather updates. Below are two popular apps sports fans can use to stay up-to-date on the latest news in sports.

Team Stream Bleacher Report

This particular app provides sports fans with optimal coverage of a wide variety of sporting events, while allowing them to pick their favorite teams. Not only can fans choose their favorite teams, but they also can choose to get notifications for the various teams and favorite options they set.

As an avid sports fan, this is my favorite app because I can customize it with my favorite teams, as well as with additional categories offered. One of the additional categories offered is Swagger. This section provides fans with humorous information and updates regarding games, players and coaches, among others. I get notifications for each of my favorite teams, Swagger and Fantasy Football news. The notifications include everything from score updates, to videos of injuries during games and live coverage of the games. This allows fans to know exactly what is going on with their teams right as it happens and without having to turn on the TV or computer.

In addition to notifications, fans can also simply open the app and click on any of their categories to find out more information about their teams. Each category is filled with articles written by sports professionals, tweets from sports media professionals and videos of highlights and stories. This makes it possible for fans to get their news anywhere and anytime.

Sportscenter ESPN

Similar to Team Stream Bleacher Report, the newly launched Sportscenter app provides sports fans with instant information and access to everything sports. The three main categories this app offers are Scores, News and ESPN Now. The ESPN Now section provides links to tweets posted by ESPN media professionals. At the bottom of the home page the categories include Sportscenter, Favorites, Sports, Search and Inbox. Sportscenter allows fans to choose their favorite teams, so that they can get updates and notifications of just the teams they follow. Additionally, the app provides information regarding all sports from professional football to boxing and golf. The Inbox section is a news feed with information from each team that is included in a fan’s favorite section.

Although Team Stream Bleacher Report and Sportscenter ESPN apps are both very similar, they each provide a unique perspective for sports fans regarding how they receive their information. They offer a new look at the world of news in terms of ease and efficiency. Additionally, they make is so sports fans never have to miss a minute of the action.

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