A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Connecting on Instagram

By: Kelsey Clark

Instagram has recently become one of the most popular social media outlets. The application on smart phones allows for users to have direct and instant contact with millions of people through the photos posted. Users can follow a wide variety of people, including friends, models, athletes and celebrities. Interaction is capable through several sources within the application. Below are four ways in which users can connect via Instagram.


Instagram allows users to follow other people. Users can alter privacy settings to make it so they accept or reject anyone who would like to follow them. Following someone means that users can see all of the photos that a person posts, as well as all of the photos that person comments on or likes. The same actions are visible if someone follows a user back. Instagram makes it so users can follow as few or as many people as they want, allowing them to optimize their photo feed.


Photos that users post can be seen by all of their followers. When users post a photo they can crop it. Also, they have several different types of formats to choose from when editing the photo. This allows for the photo to look perfectly edited, per request of the user. Additionally, users can tag people in photos and write a caption. Users can put a person’s user name with the “@” symbol in the caption to make it so they will definitely see the photo. Most people include hashtags in photo posts as well. Users can also post videos on Instagram, which is a recent addition. 

Photo Map

Users are able to add a location to a posted photo by clicking “Add to Your Photo Map.” This option makes it so all followers can see where the photo was taken. Additionally, if a person was to click on the town, city or state, etc. the user was in, it would take the follower to a page filled with other photos taken in the same place, tagged by other users. This feature provides users with an easy way to see who takes photos in similar places or who takes photos in certain places users may be more interested in viewing.   


This section of Instagram shows the 15 most popular photos. The top photos change throughout the day and can also be videos.  In the explore section, users can search other users to build their following. Users are able to search for hashtags as well. By searching a particular hashtag, users can see other photos posted with the same hashtag.

Although there are various social media outlets, Instagram provides users with an instant, visual connection. Users are able to follow their friends, favorite athletes or celebrities and even inspirational quote accounts. It doesn’t matter whether users post a photo daily or if they just have Instagram to look at other people’s photos, it is simply a way to engage with people.  

Do you use Instagram? What do you like most about it?  I’d love to hear your feedback and as always, if you like what you read, be social and share.

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