Living & Working with Your Smartphone

By: Kelsey Clark

Can you go a day without checking your email or reading your latest tweets on your smartphone? If not, you’re not alone, as millions of smartphone owners rely on their devices to keep them up-to-date at every moment. However, if you haven’t joined the smartphone world yet there is still plenty of time to pick out the newest, up-and-coming device. Smartphones can do wonders for your busy schedule and can significantly aid in the workplace, even if they can occasionally hinder your awareness in the real world. Below are three ways in which smartphones positively impact our daily lives.

No Secretary Needed

Smartphones provide the ability to schedule any appointments, meetings and events all in the palm of your hand. Calendars on your phone allow for maximized organization and time management as they can be used in correlation with coworkers’ schedules. They can be set to alert you when there is a meeting scheduled, making it easier to ensure you are in the right place at the right time.

Apps for Everything

Applications on both iPhone and Android smartphones allow for users to download apps within a wide variety of topics including, traffic updates, sports, entertainment, games and cooking, to name a few. Although each app provides a different level of support for users, they all provide a sense of ease. Users can simply open a traffic app like Hop Stop to check current train schedules or Google Maps to see how long it will take to drive home from work. Additionally, “fun” apps, such as Candy Crush and Twitter allow users to fulfill any game-playing or social networking need on the go. Although the apps on iPhones and Androids vary, they both offer similar versions of thousands of apps.

Getting Lost is a Thing of the Past

Features such as Siri with the iPhone and map apps with both the iPhone and Android allow for users to always know where they are going. The map apps make it so users can find specific locations, as well as discover the distance between places in a timely manner. Additionally, the apps show how long it will take to get to a location depending on the form of transportation used (for example: car versus walking). Siri is a special feature on iPhones which provides users with the ability to speak into the phone and ask a question. Although the questions can be on any topic of information, it is simple to ask how to get to a location because users get an immediate, detailed answer.

Although, at times, smartphones can distract us from the real world, they are used for several purposes which help us function. Despite being able to successfully function without a smartphone, the various devices offer a helping hand of sorts when it comes to being on time, staying organized and keeping in the loop with current events.

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