Football Fans Prepare for Weather: Super Bowl XLVIII

By: Kelsey Clark

As millions of football fans prepare for the biggest day of the year, they can’t help but have one word in the back of their mind. Snow. Although snow, ranks right up there with the words wind chill, below freezing and storm, it is a term that has been more and more on the minds of those attending, planning and working this year’s Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.  Will snow and freezing temperatures make it so Super Bowl Sunday is Super Bowl Saturday or even Super Bowl Friday? That is the underlying question, as this year’s game is the first to be played in an outdoor stadium located in an area which receives annual snowfall.

The National Football League (NFL) has mentioned it is prepared for anything regarding the weather for the day of the Super Bowl. According to USA Today, there are plans in place of how to clear snow quickly from the stadium, as well as how to maintain the field properly, among others. Although they obviously do not want to move the game, if conditions are too dangerous that could end up being the outcome. To aid with the cold weather, the stadium is offering fans “Warm Welcome” kits. According to the New York Daily News, these kits will be equipped with three pairs of hand warmers, commemorative Super Bowl ear muffs, a hand muffler, a ski gator, lip balm and tissues. Additionally, the security points fans enter will be in heated tents throughout the stadium.         

According to PR Daily, the average range for one ticket to this year’s Super Bowl is between 3,000 and 14,000 dollars. Of course that price does not include the cost of getting to the game, which could be problematic as it is the largest game of the year. Additionally, the ticket price leaves out other costs such as food, drinks, any souvenirs and warm gear to wear during the game.

Another cost that adds into the game day price experience is a place to stay. Although there are thousands of rooms available from the most expensive suites to small, sometimes smelly motel rooms, they come with a price. With all of these additional costs, the price to sit outside and freeze in potentially snowy conditions just is not every person’s idea of a good day.

However, those who are willing to pay, willing to gear up and sit to enjoy their favorite sport on its most important day, show true dedication to their teams and the sport in general. Although it may cost them an arm and a leg, attending the Super Bowl outside in New Jersey will be quite an experience. It will not only be a first for those attending, but also a first for the NFL.

As the days creep closer and closer to Super Bowl XLVIII, New Jersey and New York City transform into a football fan’s paradise, despite any frigid temperature. Everyone is preparing for the worst and expecting the best in terms of wintry conditions. With the support from the fans and the hard-working people of the area, the game will surely be one to remember.  For more information on game day logistics visit

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