The Rant Heard Around the World

By: Gina Mason

I’m the best cornerback in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like (Michael) Crabtree, that’s the result you are going to get. Don’t you ever talk about me…Crabtree, don’t you open your mouth about the best, or I’m going to shut it for you real quick.– Seattle Seahawks Cornerback, Richard Sherman

If you didn’t know about Richard Sherman prior to the NFC Championship game last Sunday, I bet you do now. His postgame interview/rant with Erin Andrews catapulted the defensive back into the spotlight and caused a media frenzy.

Since his interview, the topic of his tirade has received mixed reactions from fans, fellow players and the public. Even though Sherman issued an apology, some feel though he crossed the line and lacked sportsmanship with his comments and actions following the game. Others feel as though he was consumed by the emotion of clinching a Super Bowl berth and his actions were a result of pure adrenaline and passion. Either way, all eyes have been on him and the saying “all press is good press” has been true for Sherman’s personal brand.

But how did Richard Sherman’s seemingly “negative” action result in a positive outcome for his brand?  

Well, it just so happens that this man has an incredible story of overcoming adversity. This media attention brought out a softer side of Sherman and boosted his “likeability.” Not to mention, everyone loves an underdog (even one whose bark may be a little louder than the rest).

 Here are a few things that we have learned about Richard Sherman in the last week:

  • He defied the odds and escaped the gang-ridden town of Compton, CA through hard work, discipline, dedication and loving parents.
  • He graduated from Dominguez High School as the salutatorian of his class, finishing with a 4.2 GPA.
  • He graduated from Stanford University with a Communications degree. A degree which he pursed while playing football AND running track.
  • He has his own charitable foundation titled Blanket Coverage: The Richard Sherman Family Foundation, which provides children with school supplies and clothes. He is also known as one of the most philanthropic players in the NFL.
  • He has been named All-Pro twice in his three short years in the NFL and has been recognized as one of the best cornerbacks in the game.
  • Lastly, this is not the first time that Sherman has been candid, blunt or outspoken. Looking back at previous interviews, he has always been confident, not afraid to speak his mind and he even went toe-to-toe with ESPN’s Skip Bayless when he proclaimed, “I’m better at life that you [Skip].”

Although he is pretty self-assured at times, we have learned that Richard Sherman seems like a pretty good guy who simply had a poorly executed interview. However, that “bad interview” and his likeability factor might also make him a lot of money.

According to a CNN Money article, it has been said that Sherman will make about five millions dollars from his 15 second tirade. In addition, his manager Jamie Fritz said brand managers are now jumping at the opportunity for Sherman to represent their brand. “Corporate America knows who Richard Sherman is. I talked to brand managers this week and they are fired up. They love it. They say this is real. This is true. We finally have a player who is willing to speak his mind.”

Prior to the rant, Sherman appeared in several commercials for brands like Beat by Dre, NIKE and CenturyLink, but this off-season will tell if he is able to score any additional endorsement contracts.

If he does in fact benefit from his interview, do you think we will see more athletes and celebrities follow in Sherman’s footsteps?

What did you think of Sherman’s rant? How do you feel about him? Do you think this a positive move?  

As always, we welcome any comments and if you like what you read, be social and share. 

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