Social Media Helps Lost Valentine’s Day Gift Givers

By: Kelsey Clark

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, couples look to make last minute reservations, purchase the best-tasting box of chocolates and find the perfect bouquet of flowers. This year, those looking to find a sugary gift for a special someone could do so via social media, Twitter in particular.

The New England Confectionery Company (Necco) is known for several of its sweet snacks, however, its “Sweethearts,” the small, heart-shaped candies with sayings on the front, which provide great taste and entertainment, are longed for by many on Valentine’s Day each year. To promote the candy among the public, Necco created a social media campaign to reach a wider audience. The campaign is called #Tweethearts, which allows consumers to personalize the candy Sweethearts.

The campaign is simple. Consumers tweet what they want to have on the Sweetheart candy to the Twitter handle @tweethearts. In response to the tweet, consumers can see an image of what their message will look like on the Sweetheart candy. Consumers can then either share the image or place an order for a bag of their customized Sweethearts. The word or words on the candies can be all random or can be words that create a particular message when placed next to each other on a table. Additionally, the requirements for words include only appropriate material.  

To aid in the exposure of the campaign, Necco created a video regarding the special offer and posted it on its website. The video is approximately two minutes long and features a man singing a catchy tune, while explaining the social media initiative. Not only does the video explain the offer, but it also includes a call-to-action, telling consumers to type in their message and order the candy for their “Sweetheart.” The step-by-step instructions with the entertaining music provide consumers with a unique message that is easy to remember. The video also adds flare to an already unique process, and product in general.

In order to optimize the Sweethearts social media campaign, Necco has been posting screenshot images of tweethearts various celebrities and fans are purchasing. One example of this is actress, Mindy Kaling, as she bought a bag of the candies via the tweetheart campaign. Kaling posted her tweetheart image on Instagram for all of her followers to see. Additionally, Necco personally thanked Kaling on twitter for her purchase through the campaign. Necco didn’t stop with one well-known person, as they reached out to several popular news personalities in the Massachusetts area where the candy is made. To view more tweets of the campaign and to take a look at the Twitter page for Necco check out @NeccoWafers.

By using a significant online presence and a specific strategy via social media, Necco allowed for increased exposure among consumers. Although this particular campaign reached a certain audience, it had the ability to spread quickly, making it more likely for more consumers to view it and potentially participate.

For additional information about the tweethearts visit As always we welcome any and all feedback and if you like what you read, be social and share.

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