Continuously Crafting Compelling Content

By: Jenifer Wetterau

Do you struggle to find interesting, relevant things to post about every day? Spend your weekends agonizing over whether the next week’s tweets will appeal to your audience? Content curation is your solution!


Content curation is the process of rummaging the Internet, filtering out the junk, and discovering the most valuable, relevant and helpful content about a particular topic.

By sharing those with your network, you accomplish these important objectives:

-Build your personal brand (reputation) as an expert in the topic

-Be more active and visible on social media

-Enhance your relationships by being relevant


Content is at the core of all digital marketing initiatives, with social media channels functioning as tools to spread it, telling your brand’s story and connecting with customers.

It’s so easy to get carried away with simply trying to create great informative content, but strategic curation of interesting content is also very important.

Sharing great, relevant content is essential in building a strong community of brand advocates. Making the content relevant and framing it in a way that engages people takes effort — you need to put thought and structure behind the content you create and share on social media profiles. The more attention-grabbing it is, the more likely people are to share. People share things not only because those things look good, but also because those things make them look good.


So what content should you share?

Before you can determine what the best content is to share, you need to get inside the minds of your followers.

Who is my audience?

What problems do they need solved? How can I provide value to them?

What type of content most appeal to them?

Develop a specific, consistent social media voice tailored to your brand’s audience. It may help to create marketing personas for your followers on each platform.

You might want to try asking your followers what topics they would like to read about and use their answers as a guide for your strategic curation plan.


It’s important to thoughtfully select the topics you will share with your audience. A great general rule is to follow the three “C”s: created, contributed, and collected, by providing a mix of:

-How-to and influencer posts

-Leadership articles and guest topics

-Research and analysis

-Light-hearted viral content

-Bold statements

Filter all of these possibilities through the lens of what will be most valuable, interesting and relevant to your ideal customer. By curating a set list of topics, you send a unified message of what your business is about.


One of the most important steps to curating amazing content is to measure the results.

Before creating a single piece of content, determine your objectives and what metrics you will use to measure performance.

Start by identifying the important metrics within five common buckets:

-Awareness: impressions, reach, mentions

-Consumption: clicks, visits, referrals

-Engagement: likes, shares, +1s, time on site

-Actions: leads/sales, PDF downloads, newsletter sign-ups, site navigation

-SEO Impact: increased organic site traffic and activity, increased organic backlinks, increased engagement on specific content pieces

Are there certain articles that get more clicks, retweets and favorites than others? Is a certain topic or interest driving more engagement with your followers?

Since there are seemingly infinite data points that can be tracked, you need to decide which metrics make the most sense to track for your brand. Concentrate on a few so you don’t get bogged down with so much information that you can’t offer easy to digest analysis.

What content do you share on social media sites? Do you currently have a content curation strategy? What elements do you find most beneficial? As always, I welcome your comments and if you like what you read be social and share.

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