Aligning Your Personal Brand with Your Business

By: Gina Mason

Brands, brands, brands! It’s all about the brands! From airlines to clothing lines to product lines, we live in a brand-centric society with a large number brand-conscious people.  Now more than ever, people want to know that the brands they support or follow are knowledgeable, responsible, accountable and embody the characteristics that they desire.

That train of thought has transitioned into personal branding and due to the increase in digital and social media marketing, the lines of personal and business branding have been blurred. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are no longer being used or viewed solely for personal purposes. Businessmen and women everywhere are now beginning to align their online personal brands with their businesses in order to be more successful.   

Here are two reasons why you should consider connecting your personal and business brands:

Leverage your reputation:

Many of you business owners or executives out there have already built your reputation in your respective industries and should utilize that for brand building. That established reputation and years of experience that you have most likely plays a large role in why you are successful in your business. When it comes to combining your personal and business brands you should leverage your reputation to your advantage (after all, reputations are everything and they take a very long time to develop!). In addition, those years of experience make you an expert in your field and people will look to you for tips, advice and knowledge. Try creating content (whether it is writing a blog, social media posts or videos) where you can share your knowledge and expertise off to your target audience.

Personal connection:

Thanks to technology, much of the world is now automated, digital and impersonal. However, human beings naturally want to feel connected to others. Knowing someone and connecting them to their business humanizes the company and makes them feel like they can be heard. Being able to know that there is actually someone that they can speak to directly and not some automated recording is invaluable to some people. Also, if you are the leader of your company, you want people to connect your name or photo to your business. Once that association is established, people will be drawn to your company. Lastly, when people make a personal connection with someone they begin to feel an allegiance to that person (or brand).  That personal connection and loyalty will not only help you humanize your company or brand but will also spawn referrals or word of mouth marketing.

It is a big decision to decide to align your personal brand with your business brand and it is not for everybody. There are cons to aligning your brands especially if you have faced some type of controversy. However, if you have an established reputation and want to make your business brand more appealing than you should consider it.

Here at Indra PR, we work with a variety of personal and business brands. From professional athletes to corporations, we can help you figure out what is the best route for your personal and business brands. For more information, visit or email us at


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