Watch your Google search, you’re being targeted!

By Karleigh Creighton

Marketers will soon be gaining an edge in targeting social media users as potential clients.

Facebook ad partner, Kenshoo Social, a global software company that engineers digital marketing solutions, has created an ad technology that will allow marketers to pick out keywords from your internet searches in order to help companies target their ads to the appropriate audiences.

These ads have the potential to become very specific to your interests. Companies will not only know that you visited their site, but they will have the keywords from your search query that led you there, thus providing them with specific information about the product or your service you’re interested in.

Creeped out yet? It is a little bit weird to think about companies having the ability to access keywords from our personal searches; however, in the long run this could be a great thing.

Think about it. You won’t see ads for things you don’t care about anymore. The only ads you’ll see are those tailored to your specific interests. Personally, I pretty much ignore the adds that currently come up on the side of my Facebook page and at the beginning of the online videos I watch, they just don’t appeal to me. I send a text, check my Twitter, or even get a snack while these ads are going. However, if something more eye-catching came up, an ad that grabbed my attention with my interests in mind, I’d be inclined to take a look.

Companies will no longer waste time sending advertisements to the wrong clientele. They will have the information they need to target the right audiences. We will not be subject to ads that don’t hold our interests but will be seeing products and services we are likely to find useful.

Advertising on social media is gaining positive ground in the marketing world. With over a billion active Facebook users worldwide, it presents a huge and diverse platform on which to market. The executives at Kenshoo created this technology because they believed that search engines are massive databases of consumer intent that have previously gone untapped, but are filled with potential.

This technology is still in Beta testing, but will be available for Facebook’s company clients within the next few weeks. Start looking for ads that fit your interests soon.

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3 responses to “Watch your Google search, you’re being targeted!

  1. Susan Orlikowski

    Very interesting! I might pay more attention.

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