Retweeting a Tweet

By Karleigh Creighton

While scrolling through your Twitter timeline, have you ever come across a tweet that really strikes a chord with you and you’d like to do more than simply retweet it? You would like to share the words of this stroke of genius and add your own thoughts to it as well.  

Twitter has the solution. The company is currently testing a new feature that will allow users to “Retweet with Comment.” “Retweet with Comment” makes the post you are retweeting an image, therefore using less characters and allowing users to add their own comments to the retweeted material. The standard Twitter picture is about 25 characters, which leaves users with approximately 115 characters to express personal thoughts along with the original tweet to their followers.

This is not the first time twitter has attempted to help users personalize a retweet. The site previously offered a “Quote Tweet” option where the original tweet would be fully quoted within a users’ post and then personal thoughts could be conveyed at the end in however many characters happened to be left. This option, however, did not leave users with a lot of room to state their own opinion. Depending on the length of the original tweet, there was sometimes no room for any additional comments.

There is much more room to express yourself with Twitter’s new “Retweet with Comment.” Currently, this feature is in an experimental phase on mobile devices only and is not yet available to all users. What do you think? Will this new feature be useful in your tweeting endeavors? Personally, I know I will use it. I can recall many times when I attempted to use the “Quote Tweet” feature on Twitter, but couldn’t, because the amount of characters the original post took up left me with no room to say what I wanted to say. After realizing I couldn’t quote the tweet and add my own thoughts, sometimes I would retweet the post anyways but most of the time I decided to simply scroll on to something else.

Whenever I want to quote someone else’s tweet, I usually like to do so because I want to tag a friend to make sure they see it. Previously, “Quote Tweet” rarely allowed for me to include the original tweet, make my own comments and tag a friend.

With the new “Retweet with Comment” I am confident that I will be able to share a post, add my opinion and tag a friend or two all within Twitter’s 140 character limit. In addition to its new “Retweet with Comment” feature, Twitter is attempting to further enhance its visual appeal by placing pictures above the text in tweets. Assuming “Retweet with Comment” is a feature that sticks and generates positive testing; I believe that Twitter’s move to place images above text is a great idea. Combining these two new features will allow users to preview the retweet first and then read any comments made about the post. It’s an order that makes sense.

What do you think about Twitter’s constant experimentation? Do the visual enhancements appeal to you or do you prefer a traditional style retweet?  As always, I welcome your feedback and if you like what you read, be social a    

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