Tips For An Effective Event Hashtag

Tips For An Effective Event Hashtag
By: MJ Pedone

The majority of events and conferences that you will attend going forward, will have their own hashtag. The hashtag has become prevalent in conversations and it has become strange not to see or use one.
Hashtags are very helpful. It helps event attendees organize and prioritize their conversations online. They are able to express their opinions and ideas about the speakers and stay virtually connected well after the event is over. If you’re planning your own event, it’s imperative to choose hashtags so that attendees can use them easily.
Below are a few hashtag tips that you should use when planning your next event.

1. Make it Unique
The purpose of a hashtag that is associated with an event is to enable event attendees and those non-attendees, the ability to connect with each other, share their thoughts and experiences and continue to have a conversation leading to networking after the event is over.
If another event group is using your hashtag, it interrupts the conversation and makes it harder for your group to converse on Twitter. The best event hashtags are those that are unique to the event. If your event is a chocolate fan event, you probably don’t want to choose a hashtag like #chocolate. You should do a search on Twitter to be sure that the many users on Twitter are not using this popular hashtag. Your chocolate event will be lost in the chatter.
To avoid a hashtag already in use, think of a few hashtags that you want to use and do a Twitter’s search. At least one should be available and if not, you can always think of others surrounding chocolate.

2. Make it Memorable

Your hashtag should be on all signage and collateral materials at the event including the large screens. You should display your hashtag wherever you can.
Although your event attendees will be seeing your hashtag everywhere, make sure it is catchy and easy to remember. If the hashtag has a combination of letters and numbers such as chocolatezw4n9q, it wont be memorable at all.

3. It’s intelligible

Here are some ideas for hashtags that are easy to decipher: #chocolateevent2014 or chocolateeventFebruary. These hashtags are lengthy but easier to understand for anybody who comes across it on Twitter.

4. Keep it short

Try and keep your hashtag short and sweet. The shorter the hashtag, the more room your event attendees will have to share their thoughts. So instead of #chocolateevent2014, you might want to shorten it to #chocolateevent which is much shorter and has the added bonus of being useable after the month of the conference should you want to make it an annual event.

In closing, don’t be afraid to use event hashtags and keep the conversations going. This will keep the event momentum going and can lead to new attendees for the next one.

Need help deciphering hashtags for your next event? Feel free to drop me a line.
As always, I welcome any and all comments and if you like what you read, be social and share.

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