Ecommerce Landing Pages

By Jenifer W.

Landing pages are often the first point of interaction between ecommerce brands and potential customers. The main purpose is to deliver a distinct message, giving visitors enough information to engage with your brand and ultimately make a purchase.

What elements are essential in creating an effective ecommerce landing page? The most important action is planning. Be straightforward in defining the purpose of the page and how it will be used. Have a clear goal in mind. Not doing so will result in a diluted message and reflect poorly on your brand. For consistent branding, the design of your landing page should mirror the look and feel of your full website. Your landing page must be visually appealing, but not too busy and cluttered. Include images, videos, infographics, etc. Use a captivating main headline that immediately tells the visitor what the page is about and that it’s relevant to what they are searching for. Don’t try to trick people into clicking on your site- or up your SEO -with an unrelated headline. Create credible content that sets your brand apart from others in your industry and convinces visitors to stick with you and explore the rest of your website. If you don’t make a great first impression, you won’t build a loyal audience of buyers and brand advocates.

Make sure your content is easy on the eyes, especially for those with short attention spans! Break it up into segments, each with their own interesting headline and use bullet points and numbered lists. Personally, nothing turns me off more than a solid page of copy. Incorporate at least one strong call-to-action button above the fold like “Buy Now,” or “Add to Cart.” Include it in additional places on the page to boost conversions. For maximum impact, make it in a contrasting color to the rest of the page. Nothing looks more unprofessional than grammar and spelling errors. Proofread. Have your friends and colleagues proofread. Proofread again.
Include social channels so that the customers know they can reach you directly with any questions. If you are collecting personal information, use a short form for the most important details. Establish trust by including a privacy and security statement.

Always be testing to improve conversion rates on your landing page. Test different elements including color schemes, headlines and the text in your CTA. Refresh your content regularly to inspire repeat visits. Try out coupons, special sales, spotlights on certain products, trivia or anything you believe your customers will be interested in. An average of 75% of mobile users use their mobile device for shopping, so your landing page MUST have responsive design and be optimized for a seamless mobile experience.

Landing pages are a great way to easily refresh your website, spotlight new products and announce specials. What do you think makes a great, impactful landing page? Have you been enticed to purchase something you weren’t looking for because of the way a landing page made you feel?

As always, I welcome your comments and if you like what you read please be social and share.

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