Creating A Unified PR Strategy

By: Jenifer Wetterau

In order to deliver the most impactful campaigns, every part of your team should be on the same page, working in tandem under a unified strategy. Communication and transparency are key to ensuring success, since there’s no point creating a brand story that then exists in a vacuum.

To set the foundation for a cohesive approach, begin by defining the following:

A vision statement should outline what your company wants to be and should be clear to your entire team. If you were to meet one of them outside the office they would be prepared to deliver a concise elevator pitch.

Having a shared vision will motivate and empower your employees, as they are the face of your organization and key to engaging with and supporting your brand story.

Questions that should be answered by your company vision include:
What do we do – and for whom?
What makes us different?
How do we excel?
How do we measure our success?
What is our ideal future?
What values that we hold inspire our customers?

These can be broad at first, but make sure they are actionable and measurable. They may include:

-Share content relevant to your industry. Bonus points for informational that helps the reader out in some way.
-Reveal the unique personality behind your brand, inviting your customers to want to know more.
-Get the word out about new products to tastemakers and brand champions.
-Promote upcoming events and appearances.
-Demonstrate your company’s philanthropic side.
-Test out new product and marketing ideas on your core fanbase and get helpful feedback.
-Nurture your current relationships and build your audience.
-Drive traffic to your website, landing page, promotion, etc.

Once you figure out what is working you should experiment with narrower objectives.

Craft personas for your target audience (friendly, professional, educational, inspiring), to gain insight into who they are. This is not just age, location or income, but rather the psychology of your consumer. Understand what they need and want, their habits and personal views so your content can speak directly to them.

*Language: Fun, serious, insider, complex

*Tone: Direct, personal, scientific
*Purpose: Educate, entertain, sell, engage

-Develop an editorial calendar to be shared with your team and an action plan for who will deliver what, and when. Using a mix of content is essential to keep your readers interested and coming back for more. Tap into the strengths of each member of your team and have them deliver the type of content they do best, whether it be fun, informative or promotional.

-Decide on a tone and style and use it consistently. All messages should sound like they are coming from the same person, whether you have two, ten (or more!) employees creating content for the public. Make sure anyone writing for your brand (press releases, ads, social media posts, etc.) adopt and use it exclusively.

Mix it up! Try out images, photos, polls, interesting facts, social commentary, etc. Regularly evaluate your analytics to see which posts resonate the most – and least- with your audience. You may want to compile all team members’ posts for the week to be evaluated by a cross-functional team. This gives the rest of the company a chance to weigh in and catch any typos.

What do you find works best to unify your team? I welcome any thoughts and suggestions.

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