LinkedIn Endorsements from a Real Bada**

By: Gina Mason

LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool for those looking to stay in touch with colleagues, network with new people and search for jobs. According to Businessweek, “the digital résumé network has more than 310 million users worldwide and can be a great resource for recruiters who are looking for new job candidates. Recruiters not only evaluate LinkedIn profiles by looking at resumes, but also by examining the endorsements and recommendations on each candidate’s profile. Although some may debate the power of endorsements on LinkedIn, those who receive endorsements from prominent figures in their respective industries can make their profile more attractive to recruiters or potential employers.

If you have seen either of the action-packed Taken films, you know that Liam Neeson’s character Bryan Mills has “a very particular set of skills.” His “skills” were “acquired over a very long career” in the CIA and his expertise includes interrogation, tracking, speaking foreign languages and most importantly, kicking the “you know what” out of bad guys. So what does LinkedIn, Liam and the Taken films have to do with one another?

Well, in a non-traditional stunt to promote the new film, Taken 3, 20th Century Fox has partnered with LinkedIn to create a way to engage fans and drum up some publicity before the movie is released on January 3, 2015. Playing off of the “skills” angle of the film, the publicity team of Taken 3 will select one lucky fan to have his or her “particular set of [LinkedIn] skills” endorsed by [Neeson] Mills himself,” according to

The contest is very simple. To enter, you just have to follow the movie’s LinkedIn page and if you win, Neeson promises to “find your LinkedIn profile, review it and record a video of himself endorsing your particular set of skills.” The contest ends on December 23rd and the winner will be announced on January 4, 2015.
I think this was a very creative way to generate some positive press about the upcoming Taken 3 premiere and was an innovative tactic to engage users/followers on LinkedIn. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have dominated the way in which movies, concerts, etc. are promoted and it was refreshing to see something new.

However, the question now becomes how powerful is an endorsement from Liam Neeson? Do you think it will pack a powerful punch with recruiters? Although, I am skeptical that it will make a huge difference (unless your future boss is a huge Taken fan), I still think it was a very interesting way to get Taken fans and LinkedIn users involved with the new movie.
To learn more about the contest, check out this video of Liam Neeson:

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