indra public relations is headquartered in NYC and serves a national client base. As the result of our team’s years of public relations, marketing, nonprofit management, licensing & branding, event production and business experience, we offer our clients a wide array of specialized services.  We are a full service firm that takes a creative approach to addressing clients’ goals as they relate to nonprofit management & fundraising, branding & licensing, business development, corporate, entertainment and media public relations.

We are especially recognized for our celebrity clientele, which includes professional athletes, musicians, movie stars, and reality show stars, fashion designers, chefs, doctors and top CEOs and influencers.  We’re known for the cross marketing opportunities that we can create and present to our nonprofit, corporate, business and celebrity clients.  We are proud of our ability to develop and implement unique, customized and innovative public relations and marketing campaigns designed to impact a client’s brand awareness and image through our strategies and or celebrity partnering. We listen to our clients’ needs and thoroughly review the history and position of their brand; in order to gain the valuable insight needed to achieve their goal.

At indra public relations, we believe that our success only results from our clients’ success. Our vision is simple – to provide cutting-edge concepts and ideas that work to expand brand awareness and image as we target our clients’ needs and help them succeed financially. Our team of focused, experienced and energetic professionals is dedicated and committed to providing a superior experience while growing your business and building a lifetime relationship.

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