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The Importance of Building (and Maintaining) Business Relationships

By: Gina Mason

As many of you know, the public relations industry is all about building relationships (after all, you can’t spell relationships without “relations!”). In fact, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines public relations as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

On a daily basis, publicists work to develop and cultivate relationships between their clients, the media, the public, vendors, sponsors, corporations and their peers. However, relationship building is not solely for PR practitioners. It is vital in any industry to know how to work with others and create positive connections. Building strong professional relationships can open new doors for your business and your personal network as well as establish credibility, which can make you more attractive to potential clients.  

Here are a few tips on how to build and maintain positive business relationships:

Stay on their radar

The saying, “out of sight, out of mind” applies to building business relationships. If you just met someone or have known him or her for years, make sure that you communicate with them frequently so they don’t forget about you. Emailing a simple hello or inviting them to meet for coffee will go a long way. Also, be sure to keep them updated on what you are working on whether it is an event, project, etc.  just in case they or someone they know have any interest in working with you.

Stay updated on their business

Whether your business contact gets a promotion, their firm signs a huge contract or has a noteworthy media placement, stay informed on what they are working on or doing. One way to do this is by following their company’s social media accounts and subscribing to their RSS feed or newsletter for frequent updates. Keep in mind that this also gives you a good excuse to reach out and congratulate them (yet another way to stay on their radar).

Share business leads and make introductions

The key to maintaining successful business relationships is helping each other out. If you hear about a potential business lead or know someone who may be interested in their product or service, let them know and make an introduction. People truly appreciate any help when it comes to making business connections and will generally reciprocate the favor if they can. This simple act can go a long way and can establish a sense of loyalty in any business relationship.

Ask their opinion

Don’t be afraid to ask your contact their professional opinion. Everyone has had different experiences and may have knowledge in an area that you may be unfamiliar with. People love to share what they have learned in business and can bring a different point of view to the table. They may have experienced a similar situation or know someone who has and may be able to provide some great insight. Also, be sure to thank them for their help!

These are just a few basic tips on how to build and maintain good business relationships. If you utilize your relationships and help out your contacts when you can, you can grow your business and be extremely successful.

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The Difference Between An Agent, Manager & Publicist

By: MJ Pedone

Often times, I’m the one in the group who has the most exciting job. Once I’m asked what I do for a living, all bets are off. Yes it sounds so glamorous answering that I own my own Public Relations agency and that I specialize in working with athletes, celebrities and entertainers. Of course the flurries of questions always begin such as, who are some of your clients? What is it like working with so and so? Do you get to go to the games? But the stand out question that always remains the same is, what is the difference between an Agent, Manager and Publicist. Since I know most people aren’t sure of the answer, I listed the differences below.


An agent is responsible for helping you find work and for negotiating the terms of your employment. For example, if you are an actor, your agent keeps his eye out for roles that would be suitable for you and contacts the casting director to arrange auditions. Once a director hires you, your agent will help negotiate your contract and make sure the terms and conditions of your contract are met. You will have a legally binding contract with your agent, allowing him to negotiate on your behalf. Agents are usually paid a percentage of your fees for each job, generally between 10 to 15 percent. In California, agent fees are limited to 10 percent of your earnings.


A manager provides career guidance and advice. Managers may also provide financial and legal advice, if they are qualified to do so. While agents may have hundreds of clients, managers generally have only a few clients and spend more time with each one. A manager’s duties are far-ranging and may include advising you on what jobs to take, helping you to market yourself, organizing advertising and publicity, advising on how to develop your talents, making travel arrangements and advising on how to manage your income. Managers generally earn between 15 to 20 percent of your total income.


A publicist helps you manage your relationship with the media. This may include arranging interviews with journalists; making press announcements on your behalf; organizing your blog, twitter posts or other social media; helping you to gain publicity; arranging for public appearances; and advising on how to avoid unwanted publicity. Publicists often work for agencies and are generally paid a flat fee rather than a percentage of your income. Some publicists work on retainer, whereby the publicist earns a monthly fee for a set amount of work, such as 20 hours a week.

I have many clients in which I’m a publicist for but also act as a manager. I tend to wear many hats and at times, work 24/7. I’m grateful and feel so blessed for each and every one of my clients who I consider family. It really is true, do something you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!

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Ron Burgundy Changing Movie Marketing

By: Gina Mason

If you haven’t seen Ron Burgundy, you have been living under a rock. The infamous fictional anchorman known for his pompous attitude, chauvinistic tendencies, ridiculous rhetoric and mostly importantly, his signature mustache and suit has been taking over the world (or so it seems). Played by comedian Will Ferrell, Ron Burgundy is no longer just a character on the silver screen. The man, the myth, the legend is now a brand that has completely changed the way movies are marketed. Prior to the release of  the sequel, “Anchorman: The Legend ContinuesWill Ferrell promoted the movie in a number of unconventional ways, all while staying in character as Ron Burgundy (an impressive feat in itself).  

Here are some of the publicity stunts that Ron Burgundy has been involved with over the last three months.

Driving Advertising Campaigns

In October, Chrysler allowed Ron Burgundy to get behind the driver’s seat of a Dodge Durango and steer its advertising campaign. The witty commercials, most of which were released on YouTube, incorporated Burgundy’s odd humor and time-warped misunderstanding of the Durango’s new technology. One commercial includes Burgundy driving around in a Durango, mystified by the car’s advanced UConnect system. When the UConnect system asked him a question he exclaimed, “there’ s a woman stuck in there! Don’t worry, I’ll free you!”

Although all 70 commercials seem to focus more on Burgundy rather than the car, according to a recent report Chrysler sales have been up nearly 40% since the ads were aired. Traffic to the website has been up 80% and the videos on YouTube have generated over 21 million views. However, these commercials were just the beginning of his shenanigans.

The Real Anchorman Comes to Life

What does Ron Burgundy do best? His job, of course! Recently, Burgundy surprised viewers from Bismarck, ND when he  co-anchored  Bismarck’s KXMB-TV evening news. During the live, 30 minute newscast he remained true to character and kept co-anchor, Amber Schatz on her toes. At one point during the broadcast he asked, “Amber, you look lovely tonight, are you married?…Well, I am, so don’t get any ideas.”

Burgundy was also schedule to be a co-host of SportsCenter, but due to more pressing news his broadcast was cancelled. However, ESPN did leak his prerecorded interview with Denver Broncos’ quarterback, Peyton Manning shortly after his appearance was cancelled. The hilarious exchange included Burgundy telling arguably the best player in the game that he looks like a baby lamb because he doesn’t have facial hair. “You’re running around out there, and I’m gonna be honest with you: You look like a succulent baby lamb. Let’s face it, all the great NFL quarterbacks had mustaches.”

Also, Burgundy made appearances on the European Music Awards (where he defended Miley Cyrus), the Canadian Curling Olympic trials, Conan (where he defended Rob Ford) and the Dan Patrick Show to name a few. Talk about a great way to promote the movie to different demographics!

More Than Your Average T-Shirt

Thanks to Ron Burgundy, no more are the days where movie merchandise consists of simple posters, t-shirts and action figures. This marketing plan included an usual array of products that added to the awareness and value of the Burgundy brand.

For those of you who don’t know, Ron Burgundy loves scotch. To incorporate this love for scotch, Rivera Imports created  a scotch line titled Ron Burgundy’s “Great Odin’s Raven Special Reserve.”  In addition, Ben & Jerry’s joined in on the marketing madness and created a new flavor of ice cream for America’s favorite anchor titled “Ron Burgundy’s Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch” (from his ode to scotch in the first film).

Playing off the previous movie, Jockey took the opportunity to incorporate Burgundy’s self-proclaimed sex appeal into its men’s briefs by creating an Anchorman line. The packaging of the briefs included a photo Burgundy in a suggestive pose and his arrogant quote “don’t act like you’re not impressed.”

Lastly, Burgundy released a fictional memoir and did a book tour for his book “Let Me Off at the Top!: My Classy Life and Other Musings.”

Where do we go from here?

This marketing campaign for “Anchorman: The Legend Continues” has been extremely unique and definitely sets the bar for movies to come. Although all of the Burgundy’s antics may seem ridiculous, director Adam McKay estimated that Burgundy has garnered at least $20 million dollars in free publicity for the film prior to the film’s release. Not to mention, all of the licensing revenue from all of the products that are now associated with the infamous anchor. Do you think this is the future for movie marketing?


Some marketing experts have argued that all of these appearances and products are going to overexpose fans and turn them off before they see the film. At this point, only time will tell and the weekend’s box office numbers will decide if the marketing campaign was a bust or a huge success. I will say that it is been impressive seeing Will Ferrell stay in character over the last three months. Kudos to him for his dedication to the movie!

What do you think of the Anchorman marketing campaign? Are you sick of Ron Burgundy or excited for his return?

I leave you with Ron Burgundy’s closing line, “you stay classy, San Diego.”

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