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Free Agency & NFL Trades

By: Dallas J. Short

In case you forgot, the NFL proved this week (more so than usual), that it is indeed a business first. Veterans, starting QBs, Super Bowl Champions, no one was safe and job security was thrown out the window.

Here are a few of the dealings that caught my attention this week:

The New England Patriots decided not to pick up the $20 million second year option on cornerback Darrelle Revis, he then went and cashed in by reuniting with the New York Jets for 5 years, $70 million, with $39 million guaranteed. Revis said he was following his heart, not the money. He obviously has a heart of gold. After a bad few years, Gang Green has a reason to smile again, while Patriots Nation stick to believing in Brady and Belichick.

The Patriots’ running back Shane Vereen is out of Foxboro as well and now with the New York Giants. Vereen said joining the Giants is a “step up”, not sure how going from winning the Super Bowl to a team that did not make the playoffs is a good thing. I’m sure his new fans loved hearing it, but it just sounds ridiculous.

New Orleans Saints let Pro Bowler, tight end Jimmy Graham go and he ended up with the Seattle Seahawks. The Saints had just given him a $40 million contract a year ago. The Seahawks were already a solid team and with him now, they have got to be the favorite to head back to the Super Bowl. While some players during free agency are going to downgraded teams, this is a big win win for Jimmy and Seattle.

Two stars who have shined time and time again, but I guess once you get to that 30 club, that shines diminishes in how your team judges your worth. The San Francisco 49’ers running back Frank Gore and Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson were also released from the teams they have taken to the playoffs. This worked out well, with both former Miami Hurricanes ended up together on the Indianapolis Colts, where they are online trying to recruit other Miami Hurricanes players to come to Indy. (Currently defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, who the Patriots also let go after 11 seasons, but the Pats might pick him back up.

The St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford and the Philadelphia Eagles Nick Foles swapped cities, sort of how Michael Vick and Mark Sanchez did before (Philadelphia and New York), but this seemed more intentional. It could possibly be the most pointless trade, as I predict they will both end up as third stringers, behind a draft pick QB from this year.

There were a lot of things that happened (Suh to Miami, the other Eagles moves, etc.), and they will be a lot more going on before the season starts. It has been fun watching Twitter explode (announcements and reactions from players and fans), Facebook meltdown with related memes, and Adam Schefter is putting in a crazy amount of overtime to break as many stories as possible.
I stopped buying players jerseys and almost think it could be a jinx. If you like a player too much, he’ll be gone. Loyalty lies with the fans and it is a job for the players and owners, sometimes it would be nice though if NFL teams could act like it cared a little bit more and not just know no matter who they give you or take away, you’re stuck with supporting them and spending money anyway.

Were there any deals made you that liked? How did your team make out? Is your favorite player still allowed to be your favorite player?

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The Concussion App

By: Gina Mason

Concussions are a hot button issue right now and have really impacted all levels of contact sports from small children all the way to the pros. Due to some recent studies that have linked the brain disease, Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) with concussions and one major lawsuit by a group of retired NFL players, concussion awareness is on the rise.

No longer do coaches encourage players to “shake it off” after being struck in the head because we now know the detrimental, long-term effects traumatic brain injuries can have. We have witnessed former professional athletes who have had multiple concussions sadly suffer from mood swings, depression, dementia and Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Understanding the complexities of concussions and effectively treating them is still very difficult. Each brain is different and symptoms and recovery time vary from person to person. This poses a huge problem for doctors because some symptoms may not appear and there is no way to fully determine when the brain is completely healed. However thanks to new technology, we now may be able to crack the concussion code and effectively diagnose concussions simply by using an iPad.

We all know Apple’s famous saying, “there’s an app for that” and surprisingly in this case, they have stayed true to that statement. There is now a new concussion management application called C3 Logix for the iPad that helps trainers, parents and coaches diagnose and assess concussions easily and effectively. Not only is the app changing the way concussions are diagnosed, it is giving trainers and coaches the ability to determine immediately if there is a possibility of a concussion from the sideline.

Through C3 Logix, players take baseline measurement tests in a normal state and then are retested if a concussion is suspected. The app then compares the data and indicates if there has been a drop in performance, which may be a result of a concussion. Some of the measurements within the app include balance, reaction time, processing as well as memory and visual tests.

After a player is diagnosed with a concussion, they can continue to use the app to track their progress and recovery. The app compiles all of the measurement results which can be shared with coaches and doctors to help them determine when the player can return to physical activity.

This innovative and convenient technology is groundbreaking for contact sports, especially youth sports. Obviously, professional sports teams have a medical staff readily available and can test players on the spot if an injury is suspected. However, youth and high school sports do not always have the resources to have a doctor or trainer on staff at all times which hinders concussion diagnoses and treatment. C3 Logix could really help youth and high school athletes stay safe and prevent further damage from a concussion. This app may be a small step towards uncovering the mysteries of concussions and making sure that athletes are fully recovered before resuming play.

I am incredibly interested to see how this technology evolves over the next several years and as someone who has suffered a sports-related concussion, I am very excited about these possible advances in treating concussions and promoting concussion awareness.


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