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Who will win the 2014 World Cup: Coke or Pepsi?

By: Jenifer Wetterau

Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo are always battling for consumer attention surrounding big events and the World Cup is no exception. What’s exciting this time? The soft drink giants are battling it out for PR headlines and video content with real-time, interactive branded experiences.

Coca-Cola Company

This year, FIFA sponsor Coca-Cola launched its first global real-time marketing campaign around the World Cup. They will generate insight from social data to analyze and respond to real-time feedback from fans across 14 platforms during the matches.

In April, Coke released a digital “One World, One Game” documentary telling the story of how four football teams from different parts of the world overcame difficulties through their love of the sport. They are backing this with their third “Trophy Tour” which is a 221-day tour that will take the Jules Rimet Prize to every country that has won the World Cup.  People in every city the tour stops in will be able to take a picture with the trophy. Additionally, Coke will be giving out 1 million free samples of soda and branded footballs “to encourage people to take part in more physical activity.” A series of short “Where Will Happiness Strike Next” films will also be captured during the tour further supporting the content drive with real-time marketing activity.

Joseph Tripodi, chief marketing and commercial officer at the Coca-Cola Company, says: “Through ‘The World’s Cup’ campaign, Coca-Cola wants to celebrate real people playing football, demonstrating how the game is a force for a more inclusive and connected world.”


Pepsi is looking to steal Coke’s spotlight with their own World Cup campaign, #FutbolNow with FC Barcelona player, Lionel Messi fronting it. The campaign includes nearly 100 companies and promotes brand ambassador Janelle Monae’s remix of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” The song is used in a TV ad, “Now Is What You Make It” featuring Messi and other World Cup hopefuls and following Icelandic rapper Stony in Rio playing the song on Pepsi bottles and other everyday objects. While watching the ad fans can unlock original content at various points.

Pepsi also created a documentary, “The Art of Football” that explores their art collection of street art, photography and football.

Where I think where Pepsi trumps Coke is by giving fans a unique and immersive experience with their #FutbolNow skills challenge featured on 20 interactive vending machines around the world. A large video screen on the front of the machines allows users to play a motion-sensor football game with free drinks as a reward if you can keep a virtual ball in the air for 30 seconds while doing all the moves prompted on the screen. They are directly getting people who are engaging with Pepsi to simultaneously engage in physical activity.

When you add in a game component you will attract far more people than if you didn’t use something interactive with a competitive component to it. This should prove to be a big winner with hype spreading through word of mouth, rather than direct advertising.

Kristin Patrick, global chief marketing officer for beverages at PepsiCo, says the campaign aims to build on its “long-history” of working with the world’s best football talent. “Our content plan to capture this spirit celebrates the creative passion of footballers with music and how both of these awesome forces inspire us to Live For Now.”

Both of these marketing campaigns are well thought out and will be successful and by connecting people around their favorite soda with fun, interactive content each company is strengthening the perception of their brand. Although I am a diehard Cherry Coke Zero loyalist, I give the trophy to Pepsi this year. In both you get a free soda but nothing beats the sweet satisfaction from showing off your skills in front of friends and strangers to earn the reward and bragging rights!

What do you think of these multi-layered campaigns? Are you more enticed by Coke’s connected world theme or Pepsi’s focus on physical activity? As always we welcome your comments and if you like what you read, please be social and share.


Twitter’s #WorldCup Features

By: Gina Mason

#WorldCup mania has official begun. With a few days of exciting play behind us, people everywhere are eager to see what the next month of soccer has in store. As I mentioned in my SONY and the World Cup blog a few weeks ago, Twitter is expected to dominate the World Cup conversation and its social media competition. So far, that prediction has been pretty accurate.

During the first game of the World Cup, over 12.2 million tweets were sent out from 150 countries with the hashtag #BrazilvCroatia. In just 90 minutes of play, Brazil’s star forward, Neymar got over 150,000 new Twitter followers. With numbers like that (just in the first day), it is no wonder that Twitter has amped up its interface and is offering fans some exciting new features for the World Cup festivities.

Here are a few special things that Twitter has done to make following the World Cup more exciting:

Profile Customization

With the growth of Twitter tapering off, it had to capitalize on this opportunity that only comes around every four years. What better way to attract new users than to tap into the World Cup market and create special profile customizations for users who are only interested in the World Cup? Twitter has made it easier than ever to join and use the social media network and after users sign up, they can customize their profile based on the team that they are supporting. This customization includes a “chose your side” feature where you can proudly display your country’s flag; it connects you with friends and even generates a “support your side” tweet that is entered in the World Cup of Tweets (more info about this feature below).

For those of you who are already Twitter users and want to get into the World Cup profile action, click here to customize your profile.

World Cup Timeline

Twitter is offering a timeline feature were you can simply click on the hashtag #WorldCup2014 or the World Cup sidebar to stay updated on all things World Cup. This World Cup timeline is the epicenter of World Cup chatter and not only showcases all of the games in a “scoreboard” tool bar, but also connects users to the international soccer teams, the players and the fans supporting them. Fans can stay tuned into the conversation by seeing all of the tweets, photos and videos that are posted by people around the world.


Just for the World Cup, Twitter has re-released/unveiled the hashflag feature that was so popular during the 2010 World Cup. Show your support for your favorite team by hashtagging the country’s three-letter code (i.e. #USA #FRA #ITA) and a little flag will appear in your tweet. Not only does this fun little feature add some color to your tweets, Twitter will be tallying up the hashflags from around the world to host its own World Cup of Tweets. So get tweeting and show your support!

See an example of hashflags below: 

With all of the great features that Twitter is offering during the World Cup, it will be interesting to see if it will be able to generate more users. Above all else, it is great to see that people from all over the world are coming together via social media and creating a community around this incredible sporting event.

As always, I welcome your comments and if you like what you read be social and share.