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How to Become an All-Star: 3 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Game

By: Dallas J. Short

With the NBA’s All-Star Weekend and Trent Tucker’s Celebrity All-Star Bowling Event nearing, the term “all-star” is something I can’t go minutes without hearing, but how exactly does one become an all-star? Well, since my jump shot leaves something to be desired, I figured I could better offer a few tips on how to improve your social media game.

Practice. Yes Allen, we’re talking about practice. Getting into the daily practice of posting content, but make sure the content has value and is aligned with your brand. Social media is not a jump rope game that you can hop in and out of. You need to be involved for your following to grow and for your engagements to increase. If, for some reason, you can’t get to your computer on a regular basis, there are a number of programs to make scheduling posts easy. There are also many reports out there on how many and what times to post, but you need to figure out what works and doesn’t work for your brand. I repeat though, you do need to be posting and (if called for) responding daily. Social media is a conversation, never forget that.

Skills. Know your skills and use them to your advantage. If you’re working with a fun brand, do not be afraid to be playful and use humor, when appropriate. However, if people are coming to you for facts and data, jokes might not be appreciated. Your skills will vary based on how you establish and strengthen your voice. Your “voice” is the personality of your brand and what people expect to hear when you talk. Imagine someone who usually speaks with a deep voice, if one day it sounds like they are on helium, it will be harder to take them serious. Now apply that to how your social media voice might be misinterpreted if you make a post that goes against what you normally do. Keeping that analogy in mind should keep you on track.

Focus. Kobe Bryant once said “I focus on one thing and one thing only – that’s trying to win as many championships as I can.” You need to have a focus and purpose for being on social media, for you to win the championship. You also have to figure out what a “championship” will look like to you. It will be different depending on the brand. Establish not only goals, but develop the tactics needed to accomplish them. Strategy combined with sincerity will take you far.
Ultimately, like the NBA, it will be the fans who select the All-Stars. If you’re doing a good job, the likes, favorites and retweets will show it and help boost your status. You’re aiming to be remembered more like Jordan from the free throw line and less like Shaq from the free throw line.

As always, I welcome all comments and if you like what you read be social and share.

A 3 Point Shot that Changes History

A 3-Point Shot that Changes History

It is an honor for me to interview my dearest friend and client, Trent Tucker in regard to a shot he made that changed NBA history on a very special day. Oh what a game.  I remember it well as I was sitting in the seats of former NY Knicks star Charles Oakley, which were located behind the Knicks bench and it was a very exciting game down to the last .3 tenths of a second on the clock.  It was MLK day and what better way to spend the day but at Madison Square Garden watching the Knicks play Michael Jordan and his Bulls.

MJ Pedone: I know you remember that game as if you just played in it yesterday. Can you take us back to the final seconds of the game?

Trent Tucker:  I can remember the game like it was yesterday. It was the first season they went to tenths of seconds on the game clock. The play designed was an alley-oop pass for Patrick Ewing. I was used as the decoy to empty out the backside hoping that Michael Jordan would follow me. Because he such a smart player, he read the play and we didn’t have a back up option. So I ran along the sideline and Mark Jackson gave me a little flip pass; I caught the ball and shot it as quickly as I could…and the rest is history.

MJ Pedone: I remember the crowd exploding.  What were you thinking after you made that shot?

Trent Tucker: My first and only thought was to get off the court as quickly as we could so they couldn’t bring us back or replay that possession.

MJ Pedone: I know MJ and a few others had some words for you heading to the locker room. Care to share any?                                                                                

Trent Tucker: They just said it was a great shot and a great win for the team.

MJ Pedone:  The Bulls protested that shot.  What was the outcome?

Trent Tucker: After further review, the shot counted and we won the game. They changed the rule the following season.

MJ:  Talk to us about the Trent Tucker Rule.

Trent Tucker: The Trent Tucker Rule is a basketball rule that disallows any regular shot to be taken on the court if the ball is put into play with less than three-tenths of a second left on the game or shot clock. The rule was passed after the 1989-90 season due to the shot I made against the Bulls that season.  There has to be .03 seconds or more on the shot/game clock in order to be able to catch and shoot the ball.

MJ Pedone: Lets fast-forward to the final year that you played in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls.  Did your Bulls teammates ever say anything about that shot once you joined their team?

Trent Tucker: Michael Jordan said, “You know that shot didn’t count.” We laughed about it.

MJ Pedone: Bring us back to when you won the championship.

Trent Tucker: Winning the championship was one of best days of my life. I can go on, but we would need a few hours.

MJ Pedone:  Obviously, I have the privilege of working with you on a daily basis.  Can you let the world know the many great things you are doing post NBA career?

Trent Tucker: I have always been involved in philanthropy and started my nonprofit in 1998 in which we support underprivileged youth. The All 4 Kids Foundation is a 501(c)(3) committed to educating at-risk youth academically, personally, socially and physically through a curriculum that expands their horizons and encourages them to participate in new areas of learning.  Our mission includes striving to develop the whole students mind so that they have the tools to make decisions that are intellectual, moral and ethical. In 2001, The Trent Tucker University Scholars Program was implemented in the University of Minnesota and has been adopted by Columbia University and will begin this spring. I also lend my time to other organizations in order to raise awareness and funds that will benefit children who are in need. I enjoy speaking on a national level at corporations, being a mentor for both youth and adult programs and hosting fundraising events in order to bring awareness to my educational programs. I have a great team that I work with in Minneapolis and of course you and your team at Indra Public Relations in NYC, who I work with daily. I have been blessed in so many ways and will always continue to give back.

MJ Pedone: Thank you for your time and reliving such a historical day with us.

Trent Tucker: My pleasure.

-MJ Pedone Indra Public Relations http://www.indrapr.com MJ@indrapr.com January 21, 2013